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Re: Cross review of draft ERS from LTANS WG until Jan 23 rd

2007-01-16 09:19:58


You said:

The details how a delete request is authenticated is outside of scope of 
LTAP as well as management of ownerships etc.

Many aspects seem to be outside the scope of the document, whereas they should 

A trace record means: "At this place there had been some data which can 
be described by (list of some metadata),
they had been deleted (metadata about that fact)." It is not the backend 
LTA that creates all these metedata,
the frontend that authenticates the request prepares some of them. The 
LTA does not make complicated decisions.

A trace record from the LTA would be insufficient in case of a dispute.

An LTA is providing a service for someone. An LTA has to be made responsible 
of its actions, and therfor must give back some proof for each deposit or for 
an addition 
to a former deposit.

In case the owner of the data decides to shorten the original archival time 
(BTW mentioned nowhere in ERS or in LTAP), then the LTA must be able to present 
some proof of that will, otherwise the owner of the data could pretend that the 
was deleted by the LTA before the end of the original archival period.

(text deleted)