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Re: on the use of IBC with CMS

2007-06-11 07:17:40
What is the name of the draft?

At 08:31 AM 6/11/2007, Michael Cheng wrote:
Hi List,
We have just submitted a draft on the use of
Identity-Based Cryptography in CMS to this working group.
We are aware that there are several group working drafts
which are dealing with Identity-Based Encryption in CMS.
However, we think it is important to look at the use of
IBC in CMS as a whole, including both IBE and Identity-Based
As the Signed-Data content type does not support new extensions
as the Enveloped-Data content type, the encoding method used in
the existing drafts, which merely focus on IBE, cannot be adopted
for IBS.
In our draft, we take a unified approach to deal with encoding
both IBS and IBE in CMS.
Of course, there could be other encoding schemes within the current
CMS framework. We hope this submission could initiate serious
discussion on the use of IBC in CMS.
Kind regards,




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London NW4 4BT,

Phone: +44 20 84114932

Email: m(_dot_)z(_dot_)cheng(_at_)mdx(_dot_)ac(_dot_)uk
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