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Re: WG Last Call: draft-ietf-smime-cms-rsa-kem-03.txt

2007-06-14 13:19:03

Overall, it is a fine document.  I have two comments.

1.  The Abstract says:

   ... This version (-03) updates the ASN.1 syntax to
   align with ANS X9.44 and ISO/IEC 18033-2.

I suggest the following replacement text:

   ... The ASN.1 syntax is aligned with ANS X9.44
   and ISO/IEC 18033-2.

2.  Section 2.1 says:

   An implementation SHOULD also support KDF2 and KDF3 based on SHA-256
   (see [FIPS-180-2]), the Triple-DES Key Wrap (see [3DES-WRAP]) and the
   Camillia key wrap algorithm (see [Camillia]).

I agree with SHOULD support the use of SHA-256 in the KDF. But, I do not like the rest of this structure. i would rather say something like: "If 3DES is supported as a a content-encryption cipher, then the Triple-DES Key Wrap (see [3DES-WRAP]) SHOULD be supported." I support a similar statement for Camillia.


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