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Re: CAdES implementation. The algorithm to hash attributes

2007-06-14 13:53:43

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Subject: Re: CAdES implementation. The algorithm to hash attributes


Sincere apologies for missing your email from a number of months ago.  Your
input is welcomed although the response was very late.

This identifies what I believe to be three issues:

1) What encoding is used?  I suggest the answer should be the 
equivalent to the note as for archive time-stamp.

"NOTE: Unless DER is used throughout, it is recommended that the binary 
encoding of the ASN.1 structures being time-stamped are preserved to 
ensure that the recalculation of the data hash is consistent."

2) Exactly what part of the Attribute encoding is hashed?  I suggest 
that the current text implies that each attribute is hashed with the 
attrType and attrValues (including type and length) but without the 
type and length of the SEQUENCE.

This could be clarified by a note:
"NOTE: Each attribute is included in the hash with the attrType and 
attrValues (including type and length) but without the type and length 
of the outer SEQUENCE."

3) Why are Type and Length not include?  I think this a matter of style 
and provided it is explicit this is not an issue.

I suggest the same clarification be added to 6.3.6.

I believe the revised text on archive timestamp already addresses these 

I hope that these comments are still of help.


Nick Pope
Thales eSecurity.

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Subject: CAdES implementation. The algorithm to hash attributes. 
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We work on implementing the electronic signature formats defined in ETSI TS
101 733 v1.6.3. We encountered a problem and need some help. S/MIME working
group has adopted the previous version of this standard in RFC 3126 and we
hope people on this list can answer the question. If this is the wrong
place, please give an advice where to address the problem.


The question arises when we must hash data to create a CAdES-C time-stamp
(section 6.3.5). The standard says the following:


The value of messageImprint field within TimeStampToken shall be a hash of
the concatenated values (without the type or length encoding for that value)
of the following data objects:

∙ OCTETSTRING of the SignatureValue field within SignerInfo;

∙ signature-time-stamp; or a time mark operated by a Time-Marking Authority;

∙ complete-certificate-references attribute;

∙ complete-revocation-references attribute.


The note "without the type or length encoding for that value" instructs us
to omit the OCTETSTRING tag and length of the SignatureValue. It is rather
clear (but unclear why, I will mention this later). Next, what do we have to
do with three attributes left? Do we have to omit SEQUENCE tag and length of
the Attribute object? Or do we have to omit attrType of this Attribute? Or
do we have to hash the complete ASN.1 DER representation of these attributes
as it was done for SignatureValue in CMS over signedAttrs value?


The standard should describe such points unambiguously. What did I miss?


The same problem applies to the hash calculation for the archive time-stamp


The value of messageImprint field within TimeStampToken shall be a hash of
the concatenation of:

∙ The encapContentInfo element of the SignedData sequence;

∙ When present, the Certificates and crls elements of the SignedData

∙ Together with all data elements in the SignerInfo sequence including all
signed and unsigned attributes.


Here we cannot see the magic "without the type or length encoding for that
value" note. This leaves us wondering why there is such difference.


RFC on CMS has a very good explanation on how to calculate message digest
for the signature. That explanation leaves no ambiguity and clears the point
why we should omit tag and length encoding of eContent. So may be hash
calculation should be clarified in the current edition of CAdES standard.


Pavel V. Smirnov
Tel: +7 495 933-1168



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