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RE: I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-smime-3851bis-04.txt

2008-07-28 07:06:56

Comments on the draft:

1.  We are not currently making any support statements for DSA w/ the
SHA-256 hash algorithms.  Should we be doing so?

2.  For key size support, key of L>1024 are not supported for DSA-SHA-1.

3.  I would like to add the following text to the table.

Key size > 4096   MAY NOT (See security considerations on large keys)

This would finish the table entry out and also reference the discussion on
why very large keys are not recommended.  It is possible that MAY NOT is not
currently valid 2119 language.  In this case I would be happy with ether MAY
or SHOULD NOT.  I would not be happy with MUST NOT.


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