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S/MIME WG Summary

2008-07-31 06:04:35

The S/MIME WG did not meeting in Dublin but it's still an active WG.  Here's
what's happening:

- The CMS Symmetric Key Management and Distribution RFC was published as an
RFC after 5+ years in the RFC editor queue!

- The Multiple Signatures in S/MIME ID made its way to the RFC editor.

- An IETF LC was issued for the RSA-KEM ID and comments were received
through the GENART and SECDIR review process.  Resolution of the comments
doesn't seem to be difficult.

- The SHA2 Algs with CMS ID is with the AD.

- A solution to the discuss comment from the IESG on the IBE CMS draft has
been accepted. The IBE architecture ID will be updated shortly and both will
the handed to the AD for new IETF LC (information track). The AD felt the
new LC was required because of change in the IPR statement.

- Three versions of both S/MIME MSG and S/MIME CERT were published.  Text
being tweaked relates to algorithm choices, key sizes, S/MIME v2 to Historic
status, updating media types registrations, and security considerations.

- Two more versions of the RFC3278Update were produced before the document
was converted to a 3279bis and then two more versions were produced. Thanks
to Alfred Hoenes for his timely and thorough reviews.  The remaining issue
with this ID is to align the '02 ASN.1 module with the syntax specified in
the New ASN.1 for CMS and S/MIME ID.

- One version of the New ASN.1 for CMS and S/MIME ID was published.  The
issues that need to be addressed are similar to those facing the New ASN.1
for PKIX ID.  See Jim's slides from the PKIX session for more information.
Note review is requested!



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