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Re: [smime] I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-smime-cms-rsa-kem-10.txt

2009-12-14 22:12:58

You're absolutely correct we'll fix the lengths, use the kdf2/3 OIDs from this module, and fix the type in your #2.


David Ireland wrote:
[smime] I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-smime-cms-rsa-kem-10.txt

1. *All* the examples of ASN.1 DER encodings shown in B.4 are incorrect.

1a. Where they are advertised to show the ANSI X9.44 OID for id-kdf-kdf3,
they actually show the ISO 18033-2 OID for kdf2.

[ASIDE] So we now have two OIDs for KDF2, both referred to as id-kdf-kdf2:
the ISO 180330-2 one, kdf2(2) (1.0.18033.2.5.2), and the X9.44 one, kdf2(1)
( - another wonderful opportunity for confusion

(I'm using Shoup's draft version of ISO 180330-2, so it may have changed in
the final version to match X9.44, but I doubt it.)

1b. Almost all of the sequence length values in the DER encodings are wrong
and the lengths for the INTEGERs are missing, so none of the examples shown
will parse properly if you try and use DUMPASN1 on them.

2. A small typo, perhaps? Page 22 about half-way down, should not
kdf3 ALGORITHM ::= { OID id-kdf-kdf2
kdf3 ALGORITHM ::= { OID id-kdf-kdf3


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