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Re: [smime] [Fwd: I-D ACTION:draft-turner-md2-to-historic-00.txt]

2010-06-10 09:06:04
Sean Turner <turners(_at_)ieca(_dot_)com> writes:

But, what I was thinking was that if we've got an informational
specification of an algorithm that's broken (i.e., obsolete) we should
wave red flags announcing this.  One way to do that is to write this
document and an another flag is to put it on a different track than
ones we don't think are broken.  This might just be a process thing,
but I think we should be doing this.

One alternative would be to supersede (or update) the original RFC with
your document, and still have it on Informational status.

That approach permits use-cases where a collision resistant function is
not required, but still raises the red flags we all want to be there.

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