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2010-06-17 13:11:42
I think it's hard to say that an algorithm is not to be used at all for any 
Can MD5 be moved to Historic? I do not think so even if it has since some time 
to be avoided for digital signatures but is still useful for other purposes.
The solution should be a document, regularly updated and specific for 
electronic signature that list the algorithms, their correct identification 
(e.g. for asn.1 and xml) and their suitability for typical usages.

Andrea Caccia

Il giorno 17/giu/2010, alle ore 19.18, SM ha scritto:

Hi Simon,
At 06:31 10-06-10, Simon Josefsson wrote:
1) MD2 is not on the standards track, it is Informational.  I agree with
  wishes to move "poor" documents from the Standards Track to Historic,
  but I'm not sure I see such a big difference between having a "poor"
  document as Informational or Historic.  Especially for a crypto
  algorithm, which the IETF typically does not put on the standards
  track at all.  Is there some precedent for moving Informational to

There's RFC 4223, for example, that reclassifies a non-Standards Track 
document to Historic.  This is more about saying that MD2 should not be used 
and "Historic" is generally the way to say that.

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