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Re: [smime] (Another) new ID of potential interest

2010-08-11 15:18:30

On Aug 10, 2010, at 4:12 PM, Jim Schaad wrote:

I can easily understand how these things slip out.  I needed to find the
document in order to figure out what I was thinking of when I wrote some of

Some comments in-line


  o  AuthenticatedData uses static-static ECDH to provide
     data-integrity.  It will not necessarily,
     however, provide confidentiality for the data.

It will not provide confidentiality for the data.  I would suggest removal
or amendment of the second sentence.

Done. Now reads: "It will not provide confidentiality for the data."

(Do you mind
if I use your text as a starting point?)

You can steal the text wholesale for all I care.

Thank you.

Sorry - if you look at the document on line, then there are two copies of
the document in the .txt file.

Really? My goodness, you're right. That's embarrassing. Thanks for pointing 
that out. 

Anyway, let me attach the current draft. If you have no more comments on it, 
I'll check the references again and re-submit it next week.


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