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Re: [smime] [lamps] Problems with versions

2022-05-06 10:04:45

I realize that your example is hypothetical.  However it cannot happen under
RFC 5652.

It can't happen if the spec never, ever changes, but it will happen if changes
are necessary at some point, e.g. due to PQC.  As I mentioned in my original
message, this is exactly what the OpenPGP folks have run into right now as
they're trying to update RFC 4880, amd which the TLS folks ran into in spades
and had to add all sorts of kludges to deal with.  I was pointing out that if
there's ever a need to update CMS, or even there isn't and someone figures out
what a "certificate with a type of other" or "crl with a type of other" is for
the current RFC, it'll run into the same issues that TLS and OpenPGP have run

I think we should hold this discussion for the day that CMS is updated.  At 
least one one the proposals for PQC algorithms does not need any changes in the 
RecipientInfos.  In that proposal, the structures used for RSA-KEM (RFC 5990) 
is used. We'll see if that holds.

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