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Re: compressed content-transfer-encoding?

1999-07-28 12:33:55

Actually, I suspect that you have it backwards because there is a dependency
involved.  I think that a lot of folks would be willing to write such a
proposal (myself included) except for the second problem.  ;-)  We are victims
of our own success.  We can't afford to think of better approaches because we
can't afford to have a big departure for Web:TNG or SMTP:TNG.



Keith Moore wrote:

It seems that a new MIME standard for content-transfer-encoding that
would indicate a compressed base64 type ala gzip could be nice.
Creative minds might even improve the efficiency of base64 at the
same time, if we don't have to worry about translation into EBCDIC

it's been discussed many times; afaik the biggest problem is that nobody
has bothered to write up a concrete proposal.  the second biggest problem,
of course, is that it would break lots of existing software.