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Digital Gap. (was Re: Resume command for ESMTP? )

2001-08-06 01:32:29

Am taking further followups to ietf-smtp(_at_)imc(_dot_)org where it 

I agree that follow-ups on the topic belong to smtp lists, but I think that in
those messages you were talking about two issues, one of which it belongs in the
ietf list. (At least I see it that way).

So What do you think? Anybody that support the idea and want to develop it

Well.. I still think that the *proper* solution is to fix the TCP
so that there isn't a NEED for a RESUME....

What do you mean by "fix the TCP infrastructure"? If you are talking about
fixing some problems on the TCP stack of protocols, you may be write, I do not
know enough to now it. But, If you wanted to say "fix your telecommunication
infrastructure", which you may meant, then I must say that imho that is not the
way IETF should work.

There is a tremendous difference between "our first world" and the "other's
world". With the "society of information" that we are creating, the difference
is being increased and we aren't doing anything, not to close the digital gap,
but even to try to stop a little bit it's growth.

I think that IETF's role is to develop protocols to make the "net" more
UNIVERSAL for all of us, not only for the ones that have money, and fiber optics
at the basement, but for every single human being on the planet. The answer
Valdis is giving to the problem is: "get better connections and pay for the
bandwidth". My question to it is: "Who is going to connect with fiber optic
submarine cable the 1000 islands that Indonesia is made of?"

Are the big corporations going to spend the money on developing the
communication networks at Africa, Asia South America and the pacific region (4/5
of the world's population) when there is no business plan to make it profitable?

Are the governments on this areas going to invest on this, when they do not have
stability, public health or education problems (and so on...) solved?

The way I read the request is: "Keep SMTP the way it is, if it works for many of
you; but lets develop a SMTP "enhance" that has "RESUME" feature for the ones
that need it." There would be SMTP servers and SMTP+ servers, both interoperable
and probably we would be helping a lot to those that really need it.

Joaquin Rivera.

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