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Re: Need Help about the conformity of a DSN with RFC

2002-10-04 07:54:36

no, it's not legal.  the biggest problem I see is that the text/plain
body part is not well-formed - even if it is going to be blank there
needs to be two blank lines between the content-type field and the 
boundary marker for the next body part.  

also, the reporting MTA should be a fully-qualified domain name;
the received-from-mta type field should be "dns" presumably (not "dsn")
and that name should also be fully qualified.  finally use of the "dns"
type for an IP address literal in Remote-MTA seems a bit suspect though
I confess that the standards don't say what to do with this case.

but it's the first problem that would most likely keep the DSN from
being read.

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