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Re: FYI: BOF on Internationalized Email Addresses (IEA)

2003-10-27 17:20:33


On the theory that discussions go better when they have a concrete
deliverable, here is a proposed charter for a proposed working group.

The following started with Mark Crispin's text, although it might not look it.
Besides the usual goals for a charter, the following text attempts to specify
the problem domain in the narrowest feasible form that is valid. If anyone
thinks the scope is too narrow, they need to explain why.


Mail Internationalised Local-Part (MILP)

The <local-part> portion of RFC2822 and <Local-part> portion of RFC2821 mail
addresses are restricted to a subset of ASCII. This poses a fundamental
barrier for users needing mail addresses to be expressed in a richer set of
characters, such as Latin characters with diacriticals and the many Asian
characters. The goal of the current work is to add local-part support for
these additional characters, while preserving the large, installed base of
ASCII usage.

The group will take:


as input to discussions.

The group will pay particular attention to barriers to adoption and utility,
as well as any impact the new scheme might have on the existing base of
Internet mail usage.


Nov, 03:  BOF

Dec, 03:  WG chartered

Feb, 03:  Initial draft of working group specifications.

Jun, 03:  Specifications submitted for IETF approval

 Dave Crocker <dcrocker-at-brandenburg-dot-com>
 Brandenburg InternetWorking <>
 Sunnyvale, CA  USA <tel:+1.408.246.8253>

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