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Updated MediaSize draft (draft-shveidel-mediasize-04.txt )

2003-11-23 07:56:37

I have updated the SMTP MediaSize extension draft. For some reason, the
standard notification message was not posted to the lists, so I am posting
it "manually".

Many thanks to Chris Newman who contributed most of the feedback for this
version of the draft, as a preparation for last call.

If no major feedback is received within the next 2 weeks, I would like to
send it for IESG last call as an individual draft.

Discussion is on the lemonade list.

This memo defines an extension to the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol 
(SMTP) service whereby an SMTP client and server may interact to 
give the server an opportunity to decline or accept a message 
(perhaps temporarily) based on the client's estimate of the general 
message size and sizes of the media parts the message contains.

A URL for this Internet-Draft is:

Ari Erev
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