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Re: limiting SPAM

2003-11-22 20:36:06
On Sat, 22 Nov 2003 23:15:00 +0200, kaih(_at_)khms(_dot_)westfalen(_dot_)de 
(Kai Henningsen)  said:

What's more, a Bayesian filter is able to do more sorting than just spam/ 
no spam. That may well come in useful, too.

Personally, I think we should investigate having those filters available  
as a general tool, not just an anti-spam filter.

Here's an idea: say you are in an IMAP environment. Automatically train a  
filter for every IMAP folder a user has, and use that to propose filing  
for new messages. (You probably do want the user to confirm or override  
your choice, unless he explicitely sets it as automatic.)

Been there, done that.

Jason Rennie from CMU was doing something along those lines with 'ifile'
back in the 96/97 time frame, with the intent of having it learn which
folders mail belonged - he was hoping for results like "private reply from
somebody you never heard from to a posting you made to ietf-smtp would get
filed in your ietf-smtp folder".

It was several years later when people realized that "all spam" was a
useful thing to train a filter to recognize.

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