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Re: what to say on timeout?

2004-01-05 11:26:07

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Subject: Re: what to say on timeout?

A better example of this can be seen in negotiated TELNET, where the
end-points have to progress through an ordered state path, but can do
whatever they want whenever they want as long as the transaction is legal
within the context of the current state. An even better example of this
can be found in TCP itself.

Regardless, end-points must be prepared to receive unexpected data and
react accordingly. At the very least, an end-point should be prepared to
find unexpected data whenever the input is read.

Right, which I think is where all this is coming from. :-)  Interactive
sessions or applications is where is "idle time out, shutdown pending"
notice will be useful.   Unless the client was going to "do something" and
also given a chance to wake up (You have 1 minute to do something),  I see
as an non-issue.  I  believe the original question was about idle timeouts
(long inactivity), in which case the client is not in a pending wait state.

Anyway, thanks for your input

Hector Santos, Santronics Software, Inc.

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