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CERT Advisory CA-2004-02 Email-borne Viruses

2004-01-27 19:44:01

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I. Description

   Over  the  past  week,  we  have  seen  two more mass-mailing viruses,
   W32/Bagle  and  W32/Novarg,  impact a significant number of home users
   and  sites.  The technology used in these viruses is not significantly
   different  from  prior  mass-mailing  viruses  such  as  W32/Sobig and
   W32/Mimail. Unsolicited email messages containing attachments are sent
   to  unsuspecting  recipients.  They  may  contain  a return address, a
   provocative  envelope,  or something else that encourages its receiver
   to  open  it.  This technique is called social engineering. Because we
   are  trusting  and curious, social engineering is often effective. The
   widespread  impact  of  these  latest  viruses,  which  rely  on human
   intervention  to  spread,  demonstrates  the  effectiveness  of social


Hector Santos, Santronics Software, Inc.

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