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Re: when to dot-stuff and dot-strip

2004-02-03 09:28:54

If you're ONLY using SMTP and POP, then this is a viable optimization. But if you throw in IMAP or direct user access to the files, then the optimization gets in the way.

        Tony Hansen

Richard O. Hammer wrote:
In an MTA which I am developing, I dot-strip every message body which comes in through SMTP. Later I dot-stuff every message body which goes out through SMTP or POP3. (Reference RFC 2821 section 4.5.2 and RFC 1939 section 3 paragraph 4.)

But I never use the message body between the times when I dot-strip and dot-stuff. Unless I am mistaken, I could entirely skip the dot-stripping and dot-stuffing, given these functions which I am performing.

So, if this sort of optimization is worth considering, I think it would entail rethinking the boundaries which surround where message bodies need to be dot-stuffed. Perhaps dot-stuffing would occur when a message first entered the SMTP system, dot-stripping would occur when a message was handed to some local process where no further Internet transport was expected.

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