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Re: MyDoom, Sorbig - Actions taken?

2004-02-05 14:15:07

Just do me one favor.  If you wish to show me up, please do so
professionally,  technically and verbose in you reasoning. I have no
problem being baffled with brilliance.

Tell you what.  I'll try to speak in professional and technical terms. 

I will not promise to be verbose.  There are times when this gives the
question or topic more attention than it deserves, and there are times
when no amount of explanation will serve.  Sometimes the best response to
a question is a terse one.

And in return, if you don't understand an answer that I give, or don't
like it, or it doesn't comport with your model of the problem - just
accept that for whatever information it might convey to you.  Or not.

He not busy being born, is busy dying.          - Bob Dylan

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