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RE: MyDoom, Sorbig - Actions taken?

2004-02-05 18:12:26

For example, all business mail egressing Cisco's network
should have a MAIL FROM with,

Please don't misinterpret the intent of the following question; I'm
just checking to see how unusual Cisco really is.  Does Cisco
provide any sort of network access for visitors (consultants,
suppliers, major customers, etc.)?  If so, does Cisco require such
visitors to use in MAIL FROM of outbound email (which
may be headed for a non-Cisco SMTP server)?

Being a networking company, and employing thousands of geeks,
we are unique, of course.

There is no enforcement of the MAIL FROM address on outgoing 
email.  But a more 'normal' company (let's say, Boeing or Ford 
or McDonald's) could very reasonably have a more restrictive
policy and ensure that all egressing mail is from their