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Re: Using SUBMIT without bothering the user (was Re: MyDoom, Sorbig - Actions taken?)

2004-02-05 18:30:09

On 2/5/2004 10:54 AM, Keith Moore wrote:

Can one, for example, do some SRV DNS lookup?

What would form the lookup key?  It doesn't have anything inherent to
do with the user's From address (which after all can vary from one
message to another), nor does it have anything inherent to do with the
user's ISP (I use 4 different ISPs at different times, but I want to
keep the same email address and submission server no matter what ISP
I'm using).

As John pointed out, draft-hall-email-srv-00.txt uses the domain in the
email address as the principle key for these lookups. In answer to the
point you raised, the address bindings are per-identity, not global.
'Normal' users typically have MUAs where each email address is bound to a
different identity profile, which may use different submission and/or
retrieval servers. Also, the draft specifically states that these lookups
are intended to be the starting point, not the end of the process. Folks
can use it to bootstrap a configuration process, can use it to perform a
relatively complete configuration process, or can skip it if they want.
The spec tries to standardize an algorithm and the necessary elements so
that different MUAs do it consistently, not to enforce a procedure.

One other point is that the draft also defines a retrieval algorithm and
SRV mechanism, and is not limited to submissions.

Eric A. Hall                              
Internet Core Protocols

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