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Fw: Re: SPEWS: S1753 (The Motley Fool)

2004-03-23 16:39:05

"Daryl Odnert" <daryl(_dot_)odnert(_at_)tumbleweed(_dot_)com> said:
Perhaps it would be appropriate to add some language to section 3.7, where 
the requirement to send an "undeliverable mail"
notification message is described.  I'm thinking about something like this:

   An SMTP server MAY decide not to send the "undeliverable mail" 
   notification message when it can determined that the original 
   message had malicious or deceitful intent.  Determination of 
   such intent is beyond the scope of this specification. 

This would be an accurate reflection of what many servers are doing today. 

Daryl Odnert 
Tumbleweed Communications 

Close, indeed, to what many are doing.

Perhaps it should say.
...that the _addressing_ of the original message has malicious or deceitful 

In other words, when the return path is forged or bogus.

'the original message had malicous or deceitful intent' could be mistaken for 
about the CONTENT of the message. I don't think anyone wants to touch THAT.


please pardon my infinite ignorance, the set-of-things-I-do-not-know is an 
infinite set.


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