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Re: Do the must 'bounce' rules need to be relaxed for virus infected messages?

2004-03-23 18:05:03

   An SMTP server MAY decide not to send the "undeliverable
mail"    notification message when it can determined that the
original    message had malicious or deceitful intent.
Determination of    such intent is beyond the scope of this

This would be an accurate reflection of what many servers are
doing today.

This seems much closer to what I think would be appropriate, although I'd prefer, e.g., to see "be accurately" or "be positively" in front of "determined".

"positively determined" or "reliably determined" roughly fits my sense of what is appropriate, though I'd be more comfortable if there were some examples for both what was reliable and what was not considered sufficiently reliable.

for instance, I don't think it would be acceptable to silently drop messages on the basis of an SPF record, because the problem could actually be a configuration error rather than malice or deceit.

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