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Re: deferred RCPT responses

2004-04-04 18:13:38

In pursuit of that interest, I've donated my otherwise billable time and
submitted a draft with a working model, and if there's further interest,
I'll certainly work on it some more since it's interesting at least.

As of this point, however, all I'm hearing is that the SMTP state machine
can't handle it. Since that coincides with my original thinking, I'm now
of the opinion that it should be shelved.

Do you want to see it progress? I haven't heard a proposal for getting
around the state limits, just reasons why none of them will work, but
correct me if I'm wrong.

Eric,  to me, this is a low priority item for state machine changes.  If
state machine changes are going to be considered, then you might as well go
all out and cure all other issues that are more important and stressing in
the industry,  i.e., client/server protocol negotiation, authorization, spam
related issues,  throughput issues, etc.

I wouldn't mind seeing a complete SMTP revamp proposal that addresses ALL
the issues, including multiple RCPT responses/mail handling.  In my view,
vendors will look at something that make sense, something that will address
all concerns when  a drastic change ($$$) is begin considered.

Hector Santos, Santronics Software, Inc.

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