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I-D announcement: When NOT to Bounce Email

2004-04-08 12:10:46

ietf-smtp readers,

It was suggested that I write an I-D. It is a very rough, rather informal 
presentation of a not-very-original-idea.  Comments, please.

[quote from 
A New Internet-Draft is available from the on-line Internet-Drafts 

        Title           : When NOT to Bounce Email
        Author(s)       : R. Zinn
        Filename        : draft-zinn-smtp-bounces-00.txt
        Pages           : 11
        Date            : 2004-4-6
SMTP RFCs currently require that a notice message MUST be sent when a
   message will not be delivered, even when the 'reverse-path' is
   forged by a virus. Of necessity, some ISPs are now dropping such
   messages silently. Silent dropping of such messages should be allowed
   and encouraged under certain circumstances.

A URL for this Internet-Draft is:
Below is the data which will enable a MIME compliant mail reader
implementation to automatically retrieve the ASCII version of the

[end quote]


please pardon my infinite ignorance, the set-of-things-I-do-not-know is an 
infinite set.


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