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Re: I-D ACTION:draft-arun-ncc-smtp-01.txt

2004-04-12 20:29:54

If we're trying to provide advisory eliminate-dups, then a better thing
to do might be to dust off Bernstein's Mail-Followup-To: proposal from
http:// - that's already got *some* MUA traction
deployed, and I know of several other MUAs that don't support it mostly
because it was never progressed down the RFC path.

that doesn't solve the problem - it just makes things more complex.

I don't think Dan was trying to solve the whole problem either, but merely
address one somewhat semi-solvable subset...

perhaps not.  but it strikes me as a fairly awkward way to solve the "group
replies don't go to the right place" problem, and an even more awkward way to
solve the "I don't want to get multiple copies" problem.  I have some notes on
this somewhere; maybe I can dig them up. 
I suspect that without knowing if the current draft is trying to address the
problem of "keep one person in the dark", or "suppress duplicates", or some
other problem, we can't really comment more fully on the draft....

I agree.

Regime Change 2004 - better late than never.