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Re: MS vs. pop and imap (alternate response)

2004-06-11 04:19:50


Thanks for the comments.

  |          |  MDA
  | messages |
  |          |  server-side message store (inbox)
       |        POP (usually)
  |          |
  | messages |  client-side message store
  |          |

Messages are retained on pc1 and not on srv1.

TF> My annotations above apply to this scenario. In this case the client may
TF> use sieve to direct POPped messages to different mailboxes.

Sieve is used between what 2 entities?  It sounds as if it is inside
pc1, so I'm not sure how that uses a protocol standard like sieve,
unless you have the sieve result in multiple pop sessions, one for
each mailbox.

From your next comments, it sounds as if one use of sieve is inside
pc1 and the other is the more usual interaction between pc1 and srv1

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