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Re: MS vs. pop and imap (alternate response)

2004-06-11 07:33:13


TF> Sieve may be used by the POP client on pc1 to direct POPped messages to
TF> different mailboxes on the PC.

So, it is entirely internal the the PC and doesn't necessarily involve
a protocol exchange.

TF> Going back to the discussion about the difference between the MTA queue
TF> and the message store (which I believe is a useful distinction to make) I
TF> should probably point out that there is the occasional installation that
TF> does not make this distinction. Demon (the UK ISP) has a rather odd email
TF> system which is designed to deliver email to customers over SMTP. Delivery
TF> is automatically triggered when the user dials in, which is safe in this
TF> case because each user has their own IP address.



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