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Revised draft-crocker-mail-arch

2004-07-04 19:24:41


(ietf-mxcomp bcc'd, but discussion should be pursued on ietf-smtp
mailing list.)

I have submitted a new version of the Internet Mail Architecture I-D.
You can access a version at:


It has significant changes, notably including:


Addition of the User/Relay/Provider construct of actors. Labeling of
these roles has also been added to the tables showing architectural
function. The distinction of Actors, versus architectural system
components, is not typical for discussions of email. Therefore it is
likely that the construct needs refinement. In particular, please
review the table assignments.


The construct of the Message Store has been added. This change is
intended to reflect the consensus view from online discussion,
rather than being the editor's view, which has in any event
changed... However it is likely that it will need significant
revision or replacement. Please review it carefully!

Message Identifiers:

Discussion of message identifiers has been added to the section on
Email Identities.

 Dave Crocker <mailto:dcrocker(_at_)brandenburg(_dot_)com>
 Brandenburg InternetWorking <>
 Sunnyvale, CA  USA <tel:+1.408.246.8253>, <fax:+1.866.358.5301>

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