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Re: Revised draft-crocker-mail-arch

2004-07-06 18:28:30

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Subject: Revised draft-crocker-mail-arch


(ietf-mxcomp bcc'd, but discussion should be pursued on ietf-smtp
mailing list.)

I have submitted a new version of the Internet Mail Architecture I-D.
You can access a version at:



Great document!

Just a few comments. I hope they are reasonable and useful.

| 4.3. Layers of Identity References

Date: Is required by RFC 2822 section 3.6. Right?  Is there reason why Date:
is not included?

How about Message-ID?  It is very important entity for the MS.

| 6.1 MTA Relaying
| MTAs relay mail. They are like packet-switches and IP routers.
| Their job is to make routing assessments and to move the message
| payload data closer to the recipient. It is not their job to
| reformulate the payload or to change addresses in the envelope or
| the content.

Does adding the following or similar make sense?

"...with the exception of adding trace information (to the network control
header block)."

| 6.2.4  MUA Gateways

| The critical distinguish between an MTA and a gateway is that the
| latter modifies addresses and/or message content.

Did you mean "distinction?"

Also,  we support six (6) gates (mail formats/networks) using a central MS
framework.   The following also applies to store & forward user systems as
well mentioned in 4.1.5.

What is very important in the "transformation process" from net to net is
that the message originality, intent and properties be optimally retained to
the highest degree.  This is very important in email where privacy must be
kept during the gating process.  Maintaining Message content originality is
equally and critically important as it can introduce "tampering issues."  As
section 4.3 "Layers of Identify References" shows, the mail content is
authored by the originator.

So probably a replacement of the word "modifies" to "transforms" with an
additional clause to the above sentence would help highlight these critical

"The critical distinction between an MTA and a gateway is that the latter
transforms addresses and/or message content while retaining message
properties (i.e., email privacy)."

Hector Santos, Santronics Software, Inc.

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