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Re: RFC2821 and EHLO-specified extensions.

2004-11-17 18:28:03

Of course, you can get really bolloxed when the server offers an extension that the client doesn't recognize, and then the client sends a string that for an option that the server doesn't support, but the client's option happens to use the same syntax as that server option that the client didn't recognize. :-(

        Tony Hansen

Daryl Odnert wrote:
RFC 2821, Section 4.1.1:

            In the absence of specific extensions offered by the
   server and accepted by the client, clients MUST NOT send such
   parameters and servers SHOULD reject commands containing them as
   having invalid syntax.
> Valdis(_dot_)Kletnieks(_at_)vt(_dot_)edu wrote:
Regarding a client's use of an extension not actually advertised in
 the EHLO - I was under the impression that was a no-no, and I went
 to cite chapter and verse to a user, and found in RCPT:

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