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Re: Fwd: standards spring cleaning

2004-12-06 10:43:58

On Mon December 6 2004 10:32, Paul Hoffman / IMC wrote:

I am currently involved in an experimental process to see what it 
would take to hold to the notion that Proposed and Draft Standards 
shouldn't stay in that state forever.  There are a number of mail 
related standards that fall into this category, and I wonder if 
people can tell me whether the list of standards below (or any 
others on the broader list) should stay or go.  The original list 
was generated programmatically by looking for proposed standards 
below RFC 2000 that are not obsoleted (we'll do draft later).

Don't forget Informational RFCs.  For example, RFC 1344 has
some very important advice for gateway implementors (and
that includes software which acts as a gateway, such as
message scanners).   Unfortunately some such implementors
have ignored 1344, resulting in problems:

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