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Re: revised Email Architecture draft

2005-01-26 13:24:37

Good job Dave,

Yes, very useful document to have for reference.

Just a few minor comments (truly minor)

In Figure 4:

1) It indicates Sieve. Suggest generic term "Mail Filter"  or "Mail
Analyzer" as not everyone is using Sieve.

2) It indicates DSN, with no other mentioning of it other than the
reference. However, you talk about bounces and notifications.  Just a small
note to indicate that they are essentially the same idea, concept, process,
i.e., flow path.   Maybe the box should have "Bounce (DSN)"


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I've submitted a third version of the Internet Mail Architecture draft, as
an internet-draft.

Pending the secretariat announcement, a copy is available at:


Comments continue to be more than welcome. Each round of revisions has been
prompted by challenging and productive critical feedback. As much as I would
like to complete this document and get it published, the main requirement is
that folks find it useful.

Dave Crocker
Brandenburg InternetWorking
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