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Re: draft-crocker-email-arch-03

2005-02-23 17:11:59

On Thu, Feb 17, 2005 at 07:50:22AM -0800, Dave Crocker wrote:

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A very nice document, I think.  It probably needs more eyes at this
point.  Anyway:

3.1  Mailbox Addresses

   > A mailbox is specified as an Internet mail address <addr-spec>.  It
   > has two distinct parts, divided by an at-sign ("@").  The right-hand
   > side contains a globally interpreted name for an administrative
   > domain.

I'm curious about that last bit.  Seems to me that you used
"administrative domain" in a different sense from "Internet domain" --
so don't you mean "Internet domain" in that sentence?


Probably want to do a test-page or equivalent to make sure the figure
fits on the page in .txt format.

4.1.1  Envelope

   > Upon delivery, SMTP-level envelope
   > information is typically encoded within additional content header
   > fields, such as Return-Path.

Maybe say "some" SMTP-level information, otherwise the implication is
that all of it is encoded in header fields.

4.5  Mail Delivery Agent (MDA)

   > RFC2822.Received

   >    Set by: Destination

   >    An MDA must record a Received header field, to indicate trace
   >    information, including source host and receiving host domain names
   >    and/or IP Addresses.

I dunno about that one.  Unless you are saying that, for example, the
final recipient SMTP agent adds its Received header in an MDA role
rather than an MTA role (and if you are, that's a little iffy), I don't
know of many MDAs that add Received lines.  Perhaps they should;
but where is this from?


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