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Re: draft-crocker-email-arch-03 more comments: internet mail service & Administrative domains

2005-03-23 07:43:08

Hello Dave
I hope you are not abandoning this draft.
I find the (some parts) of the discussion very enlightening. But can imagine
that you get bogged down by it.
(it just is NOT an easy subject)

And I  have  two more points

Maybe a textual point:
Is there a difference between the
"mail Handling service" (section 1 and 2.2) and the
"Internet Mail Service" (section 2.3 and section 6)
And if there is a difference  can this be elaborated?

Administrative domains
I did some more thinking about this but the more t think about it the  more
I get confused about this idea.
Is the idea behind this section:

1: To indicate the (static) recipient domain, All the MTA 's where the MX
records point to, and every agent from there to the MS or even the rMUA (if
it is local)

2: something like the mailflow schedule
   (the sender/originator part is dynamic, change according to the place of
the originator)
   ( PS for this point there are 4 slightly different mailflow diagrams in

3: the prior agreement links in mail handling. (Within administrative
domains everything is based on a prior agreement)

4: namedomain ( etc) description (very static, is not very useful
I think )

5: Something completely different, or an confusing mix from the idea's above
and I have not grasped it yet....

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I think (hope) the email architecture document has reached a stable point,
in its attempt to describe the current service.

The latest version has substantial changes, but I think they are
refinements from the previous version and reflect feedback I've received. Of
course, any additional comments are more than welcome, and I have no doubt
there can be debate about lots of the details.

But the goal is to get this published sooner, rather than later, so I am
hoping this is the last major revision.

I've submitted the doc to the i-d folks. In the interim, you can access it

; <>

; <>

Dave Crocker
Brandenburg InternetWorking
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