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Re: Miscellaneous comments on draft-crocker-email-arch-04.txt

2005-04-05 11:01:36

On Tue April 5 2005 13:05, Dave Crocker wrote:

 My point is that (contrary to the draft implication) the MSs do not
 connect to each other, an rMUA connects to both MSs simultaneously and it
 is the rMUA that effects the synchronization.  

the discussion is about information relationship, not about connections.

The draft text "A remote MS and a local MS synchronize all or parts of
their contents, while connected.  The user may make changes while
disconnected, and the two stores are re-synchronized upon reconnection"
mentions connections several times, and implies that the MSs connect to
each other.  Of course you and I know better, but perhaps the situation
could be clarified for the benefit of readers who are not quite so
familiar with how things actually work.