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Re: Miscellaneous comments on draft-crocker-email-arch-04.txt

2005-04-08 17:14:58

On Tue, 5 Apr 2005, Bruce Lilly wrote:

Routes in paths (forward and reverse) generally are modified in transit.
Routes in paths are now somewhat uncommon, but are not obsolete and
should not be ignored in a description of the mail system architecture.

They've been strongly deprecated since RFC 1123 (dated 1989) which states
that this is for architectural reasons. Therefore I think it's legitimate
for a modern description of the architecture to omit source-routed paths
on the grounds that they are ana anomalous historical relic.

Strongly agree.   Actually I'd go a lot farther and say it's legitimate
for a description of the architecture to omit almost everything at that
level of detail, historic or not.