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Re: reassembly

2005-04-10 12:05:06

On Sat April 9 2005 15:34, Dave Crocker wrote:

 Reassembly is architecturally a gateway function

although it is a perfectly fine thing, to be able to do reassembly in a 
gateway, there is nothing that requires it to be done there.

I'm having a hard time understanding what you're getting at, from an
architectural POV.

A gateway isn't a "there", it's a functional component with a specific
characteristic, viz. it modifies messages (unlike MTAs, MDA, MUAs).
Reassembly requires (substantial) modification.

as noted already, it is also fine to do it at the recipient site.

Again a gateway is a functional component; "recipient site" isn't.
in fact, there are a number of scenarios that require it, both for internet 
mail and for IP.

Intellectual Property?