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Re: Early history and 2821 (was: draft-duan-smtp-receiver-driven-00.txt)

2005-05-13 04:25:38

Apparently Bruce found a minor problem in 2821, it's not 110%
clear what to put in the Return-Path for a null MAIL FROM:<>

hmm, you put exactly what the Reverse Path (MAIL FROM) provided.

Return-Path was only meant for final destination mail as a way to provide a
post smtp system (i.e., gateway) a method to initiate a bounce process using
the proper reverse address that was not typically available using the older
SLIP/UUCP format.

There is no bounce process for a NULL reverse address (return path).

Also, the Return-Path is typically removed once the gate sees its a normal
message (no bounce requiired) before final storage for the end-user.   It is
not required any more at that point.

Before,  the gate had to play games like maybe checking for an
administrative address (Mailer-Daemon, PostMaster) in "822.From:"

A null return path, "Return-Path: <>",  a clear indication of a non-bouncing
potential process.

Hector Santos, Santronics Software, Inc.