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Re: message-identifiers vs. "new message" in draft-crocker-email-arch-04.txt

2005-05-26 00:13:34

 Draft section 2.1.3 refers to a "new message" several times, and states
 that list expanders provide an example.  But list expanders do not
 generally elide/replace message-ids, and therefore -- using standard
 terminology from the core email RFCs -- there is in fact no "new message";
 a list expander redistributes the *same* message (with unchanged message-

In trying to create a description of the current architecture, there is a 
balancing act between making the document strictly reflect "

 It seems to me the fundamental advantage of CSV over SPF is that CSV
 doesn't try to associate domain names with IP addresses outside of that

The fundamental advantage(S) are that: 

a) CSV uses an identity related to direct, local MTA operations, rather than 
referring back some unknown number of hops to a content author who has no 
involvement in the operation of the MTA, and

b) CSV is simple.  Extremely simple.  It took an enormous amount of effort to 
make it this simple...

The focus on MTA operations ID is not a minor matter.  One small example of 
the benefit is that operations folk can focus on aggregate behavior, across 
many messages, many message authors, and many (possibly compromised) machines. 
 SPF is strictly focussed on per-message behavior and does not provide a means 
of assessing aggregate MTA operations.

  Dave Crocker
  Brandenburg InternetWorking
  dcrocker  a t ...

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