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Re: request discussion of two documents on SMTP relaying

2005-06-16 13:32:41

Keith Moore <moore(_at_)cs(_dot_)utk(_dot_)edu> wrote:

Some of you may not be aware (especially if you're not subscribed to the 
IETF list) that there's a document in Last Call for BCP, 
draft-hutzler-spamops-04, that makes recommendations for submission of 
mail and relaying of mail between mail networks.

I don't believe that this document is written with either adequate 
precision or accuracy, and frankly I didn't see any easy way to fix it 
by making small changes to the text.  So n an attempt to produce better 
language, I wrote my own draft of a document with similar scope, which 
can be accessed at

   I'm hesitant to spend much effort discussing until we have some idea
whether the IESG is inclined to approve draft-hutzler-spamops as it stands.

   Nonetheless, I have recently noticed that RFC2476 (Message Submission)
is being updated. Specifically, an I-D has been approved by the IESG and
forwarded to the rfc-editor:

   I strongly recommend that folks read this carefully.

   Hopefully, nothing we might agree on will conflict with this RFC-to-be.
Alas, some folks have been posting things which strike me as not fully
consistent with the terminology of RFC 2476bis...

John Leslie <john(_at_)jlc(_dot_)net>