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Two kinds of Submission

2005-06-21 07:26:46

I  tried to follow the discussion about mailsubmission draft (Email
Submission Between Independent Networks) and RFC2476bis what the MSA is
allowed to do and not.

But I think we are missing a point.
There are (at least) two kinds of MSA's
I would call them
1) Organisational MSA
2) Internet (ISP)  MSA
(If you have better names please name them)

And I can not find a reference to which kind of MSA is referred in the Email
Submission Between Independent Networks draft and what the consequences are.

To describe the two types of MSA:

Organisational MSA's
the (user of) the MUA and the MSA is  part of the same organisation and the
MSA is therefore allowed to do almost anything with a message as long as the
output is proper RFC2822/2821.
This include but are not limited to:
removing/changing/  adding of headers (RFC2822 and 2821)
removing attachments  MIME parts
adding headers and footers to the email body
the draft should only give guidelines and suggestions for this type of MSA.
(so that the output is proper RFC2822/2821.)
In extreme cases the MSA is even allowed to refuse the message all together.

Internet MSA's are not part of the same organisation and should only do:
adding necessary RFC 2822 headers
adding trace headers (RFC 2821)
and other options that should be an explicit part of the contract between
the organisation and her internet provider)

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