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Re: Bounce/System Notification Address Verification

2005-06-29 22:48:06

At 07:53 -0400 on 06/29/2005, Bruce Lilly wrote about Re: Bounce/System Notification Address Verification:

On Wed June 29 2005 01:40, Robert A. Rosenberg wrote:

 There is only (as I've noted in a prior message) a flaw if when
 [a] CBV probes an ISP and that ISP CBVs back in response to the
probe, [the first sysrem] instead of accepting the CBV probe and responding with
 a "Good Address" reply turns around and tries to CBV the other
 Server. It is the job of [...] CBV users [...] to recognize
 the addresses used with their CBV probes and not respond with a CBV
 probe when the address is used by another CBV system. You handle CBV
 probles triggered by your own in-flight CBV probes do not require
 your CBV code to recognize other user's CBV probe patterns (ie: you
 should just CBV respond to them).

Then it is the responsibility of the (nonexistent?) specification
authors to completely specify such behavior, and as this is clearly
an interoperability issue which if ignored can result in damage to
the mail system is needs to be specified with use of BCP 14 MUST or

While I agree that when an RFC is written on how CBV should operate, this is not the intent of my comment. I was responding to the statement that CBV can introduce CBV loops if a CBV probe triggers a return CBV probe to validate the claimed address of the prober before it will return a Valid-Address/Invalid-Address response to the original probe.

My intent was to show that this ping-pong/loop behavior (if it occurs) is due to a broken CBV design. The checks that are done in response to a RCPT-TO (that involve doing a CBV before acknowledging the command) should first involve a sanity check on the supplied RCPT-TO to insure it is not the MAIL-FROM used for sending CBV Probes. Since it is easy to spot YOUR probe addresses but hard to spot every other CBV user's addresses, the check needs to be done when someone you are probing tries to probe you back before they respond to your original probe.

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