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Re: Strict RFC x821 Compliant: MAIL FROM:

2005-07-06 02:55:29


None of  this is surprising, at least to me.  The question is
whether you think the SMTP spec should be modified to _require_
servers to accept the sorts of "variations" you outline and to
explicitly authorize (and thereby encourage) clients to send
them?  And, if so, which ones and why?


--On Wednesday, 06 July, 2005 12:42 +0300 Matti Aarnio
<mea(_at_)nic(_dot_)funet(_dot_)fi> wrote:

On Tue, Jul 05, 2005 at 06:56:36PM -0400, John C Klensin wrote:
--On Tuesday, 05 July, 2005 13:22 -0400 Hector Santos
<hsantos(_at_)santronics(_dot_)com> wrote:
I understand the legacy issues regarding the trailing
spaces, been there to during the non-interactive to
I think we disagree.  See above.  2821/ 2821bis are not about
giving in to the lowest competency level commonly encountered
among clients and servers.  To state that again, there is no
reason to permit or require this.  The server implementers who
decide, for market reasons, that they want to support MAIL and
RCPT commands with the space after the colon (or with no

Being both server coder, and occasional system operator at
places where actual customers try to use their whatever
programs to send email thru, I can tell, that there are levels
of 'strictness' that work, and others that definitely don't

Requiring angle brackets in MAIL and RCPT addresses works
usually, but then some odd junk (Windows CE 1.0/2.0 at least)
coders hadn't cared to read the syntax thru properly, and "as
long as it works with sendmail 5.x, it is good" ..  (or some