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Re: RFC 2487 [5]: Suggest dropping of "TLS Required"- forbid and extensions of current standards

2005-08-21 06:34:45

thomas schorpp wrote:
- esmpts, asmptps...? "x" is a general placeholder/variable
(basic math, 5th grade) ;)

The "official" abbreviations are not very popular, see also

What you really want most probably isn't ESMPTPS - unknown
stranger sends mail, adding encryption won't help you.  You
want "reputation", something telling you that the unknown
stranger is a good guy / new kid / known troublemaker.

For better ideas in this direction see MTAMARK, CSV, and the
HELO part of SPF.   For products in this direction check out
senderbase / ironport / spamcop.
                                 Bye, Frank