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Re: RFC2821bis new section 2.3

2005-08-22 08:47:28

At 02:51 22-08-2005, Willemien wrote:
2.3.4  Host
[[ added requirements]]

For the purposes of this specification, a host is a computer system
attached to the Internet (or, in some cases, to a private TCP/IP network)
and supporting the SMTP protocol.  Hosts are known by names (see the next
section); they SHOULD NOT be identified by numerical address.
Fully capable SMTP systems MUST conform to the following requirements:

For fully capable SMTP Clients:
The hostname given in the EHLO or HELO command  MUST resolve in a DNS A

SMTP clients behind a NAT may not be able to follow this requirement (see RFC 2821 section 4.1.3).

That A record MUST point to the SMTP Client.
And the IP address of the SMTP client MUST resolve back to the hostname.

That may not be possible with multi-homing.


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