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Re: RFC2821bis new section 2.3

2005-08-22 09:41:41
On Mon, 22 Aug 2005 08:46:59 PDT, SM said:

That A record MUST point to the SMTP Client.
And the IP address of the SMTP client MUST resolve back to the hostname.

That may not be possible with multi-homing.           A
                                A           A
                                A       PTR
                                PTR          PTR          PTR

It's *possible* to set it up.  The biggest problems you hit are:

1) A *lot* of software doesn't understand that PTR records can be multi-valued.

2) An even more incredibly large number of sites don't do DNS-over-TCP or EDNS0,
so if the list of PTRs ends up over 512 bytes, things go pear-shaped quickly.

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