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Re: 2821bis vs rfc2119

2005-09-05 03:08:21

wayne wrote:

Could you please point me to the official archives for DRUMS?

Not sure about "official", but Google helped me
to find

About 7000 articles from 1996 - 2001.  That's a severe case of
"thanks but no thanks" from my POV.  I'd prefer it if John just
says what he _personally_ thinks - as editor that should do to
block stupid ideas.  But "I can't do that because about six
years ago DRUMS decided <whatever> " won't do:  Obviously there
were some bugs in 2821, DRUMS was not perfect.  I'm confident
that it's possible to make it not worse, and probably better...

...and probably John also has feeling where the limits are, if
we'd get carried away inventing wild and wonderful things.  As
editor he can also say "I want it only for DS, not a new PS".

Okay, I can't promise that I'll follow this line to just ANY
outcome, OTOH keeping anything technically as is swapping only
the top priorities could work.  Nothing radical, the radical
ideas are already published in other documents.

The IETF doesn't seem to do a good job of keeping coherent
records of concluded working groups.

For MARID that works, for DRUMS there's no link to the archive
on the old Charter page.  In theory it's "if I don't like it I
have to fix it", but in that case I'm too lazy to find somebody
who could add the "missing" link on this page...  ;-)

                            Bye, Frank

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